The Cook the Clown the Monk and the Accordionist

The Cook the Clown the Monk

    and the Accordionist​

The title is a parody of Peter Greenaway's 'The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover', a grotesque fresco of eccentric characters in a very elegant restaurant.

Baroque music, the Opera, contemporary Jazz, European folk and tarantella are the main ingredients of this album.



Maurizio Minardi accordion and piano

Shirley Smart cello

Nick Pini  double bass

Jason Reeve  drums  (track *)

Marco Quarantotto drums (track **)

Label: Belfagor Label
Catalogue: MM11
Year: 2013

CD Digipack
Price: £ 13                   

  1. The Cook in Love*
  2. Penguin *
  3. The Monk’s Escape **
  4. The Monk Abandoned
  5. The Monk is Back **
  6. Five is Better than Four *
  7. The Black Book *
  8. Marcello *
  9. The Taming of the Shrew **
  10. The Gambling Queen *
  11. Dirty Clown  **

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The Monk's Escape 2013

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Penguin  2013



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The Cook in Love  2013



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"..a lovely album"



​"...lyrical and touching..."

(Evening Standard)

" of the most enjoyable “jazz” accordion records I’ve heard..."


"...this is a beautiful album, weaving together jazz, folk and minimalist Classical music- the evocative melodies conjure up lasting images of comedy and pathos.."

(London Jazz)

"a standout recording, full of atmospheric music that combines immediately engaging hooks with sweeping narrative and emotional depth ... A pleasure from first note to last."
                      Bruce Lindsay

....musica dal pensiero cinematografico....

"Maurizio’s music is certainly for the here and now, sounding fresh with its colourful and creative influences of jazz, folk, baroque, opera, dance, burlesque… even music hall."
                      (Adrian Pallant)

music  by  Maurizio Minardi

2013 © copyright  by Maurizio Minardi

Recorded at:

Perry Vale studio - sound engineer Pat Collier

Strongroom studio - sound engineer Simone Filiali

Iguana Studio  - sound engineer Andrea Terrano

London, January 2013

Mixed and mastered by Marco Biscarini at Modulab (Bologna)

Maurizio Minardi Accordion and piano

Shirley Smart cello

Nick Pini  double bass

Jason Reeve  drums  (track *)

Marco Quarantotto drums (track **)

Artwork by Omar Bassi